Zimmerman Chiropractic & Cryo Life Iowa Whole Body Cryotherapy, is Dedicated to Providing Natural Healthcare to the West Des Moines area... for all healthcare needs.

Located at 50th and Mills Civic Parkway (Right Next Door Quiznos)

(515) 225-7979

Dr. Chris Zimmerman believes that health is more than just the absence of pain and disease. It is learning, understanding and striving to improve and optimize your body, spirit and quality of life, so that life long health can be acheived.

Zimmerman Chiropractic & Cryo Life Iowa's aim is to unleash EVERYONE'S optimum human potential....naturally. Our goal is to provide patients with safe, natural, time proven solutions to many common health problems.

The nervous system and our spine control and coordinate ALL structures and organs of the human body. - Gray's Anatomy

In the Chiropractic Lifestyle, the nervous system (our BRAIN AND SPINE) is KING. Everything in the human body is directly controlled by the nervous system and proper spinal function is paramount, muscles and organs.

Dr. Zimmerman and the staff at Zimmerman Chiropractic is dedicated to providing an individualized, proactive approach to correct and counter the Physical, Emotional, and Chemical stressors we ALL (including children) face in our daily lives.

Proudly serving:
 West Des MoinesWaukeePalmerUrbandale

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