Dr. Chris Zimmerman

I was born and raised in Sac City, Iowa. My parents (Ted and Alice) still live there, but my sister Nicky currently lives in Madison, WI. I grew up playing football, lifting, and working on cattle/hog farm. I graduated from Sac City High School in 1996. I continued my education and football career at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA where I received a degree in Biology in 2000. Upon receiving my bachelors in Biology from BVU, I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic because of its rich tradition and emphasis on the natural, holistic healing. I am married to a wonderful woman, Jodi, we met in high school and married in 2002. Jodi is a 3th grade teacher in Ankeny.  We also have a 10 year old son, Jax, who gets adjusted every 2 weeks...and NEVER stops moving.

My Chiropractic journey started when I was only 5 years old. Putting together a puzzle my neck “locked” in one position and my mother took me to her Chiropractor, an amazing Chiropractor by the name of Dr. Tom DeVrise. After quickly “fixing” my neck, Dr. DeVrise encouraged my family and I to maintain and optimize our health with consistent Chiropractic care….IT WORKED.  Through all of the school and working since I was 14, I can count on one hand the number of days I have missed to being sick or injured.

Between working (on farms and concrete crews), playing football, and lifting weights I was ignorant to how much stress I was putting my body under. Thanks to Chiropractic and a general focus on naturalistic health, I was able to continue to do what made me happy and fulfilled. Even today, I put myself under a lot of stress…but weekly visits to my Chiropractor, regular massage, acupuncture, and using nutritious food an supplement allows me to continue at the pace and comfort level I desire.

My confession to you is that I was born a holistic doctor, I did not become one. Even as a kid it made sense to me that God gave my body all it needed to fix itself and than that “medicine” only covered the true problem. Today I can tell you that I understand that stress in one’s life will lead to irritation to the nerve system, this results in disease.

My goals as your doctor are simple, help you become healthier and live your life to its fullest...naturally. Health is simple.  Stress (physical, emotional, chemical) breaks the body down, my goal is to build it back...naturally.

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