Dr. Chris Zimmerman

The “POP”

Patient’s often ask what the “pop” is when they are getting adjusted and what does it mean.  The sound is a product of the decrease of pressure inside the joint and popping resulting nitrogen and oxygen air bubbles.  From my 1 st day of Chiropractic College they told me it means “nothing” it is just a common by product of the adjustment.

From a January 2011 article in "Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics" (JMPT), comes more evidence that the sound is just simply the sound.  100 patients were treated and then separated into those who had a “pop” during their adjustment and those who did not hear a “pop,” even though the same adjusting technique was used.   After comparing the two groups, not only did they get the same amount of relief from their pain, but both groups had the same measurable changes in their bodies (blood pressure, decreased muscle spasm, active increased range of motion, passive range of motion, etc.)

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